Tuesday, August 23, 2011



A few words about the interior decorating while I am waiting for permission to tell you more about the exciting contest to decorate British Airways aircrafts for the 2012 Olympics that Martin was admitted to yesterday!

I began to gather small bowls and small plates of glass already in Finland. I have a feeling this is something that has had a bad reputation but will soon be in vogue. Here in Wales there is a lot of glass in charity shops, but rather different forms of bonbonnieres and other containers that people apparently find no use for and probably find horribly outdated. A lady in a charity shop said that tea services of glass and small plates are selling fast. I think glass fits into our bohemian style, maybe a little "Brocante chic" - vintage, a little on the shabby chic side perhaps. I do in fact like romantic things in addition to a more dramatic style with its allusions to historical styles, and quite a lot of black in fact. Everything has its place and by the end of the day, it is about balance and harmony, not about being very strict and regimented. All of the images below show glassware collected over the year I've lived here, prices ranging from a few pence to a few pounds only. They will later be used as containers for jewelry and maybe lotions on my dressing table when we can afford to buy one. It will be especially pleasing when we change the colour scheme in the bedroom. It now looks like a Buddhist temple, which is interesting but maybe not quite what I would like.

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