Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Today I will talk about how to present their art on the Internet in a modern way and the benefits of doing so.

In my last post I talked about new ways to present art and design on the Internet. I was inspired to re-evaluate a collection that I suddenly sat up in the beginning of my membership without its further thinking about what a collection actually means. It is not about to present individual work of art but to create a whole that speaks of a certain topic and that is visually engegerande. Anyone who is inspired by what they see has easy access to the individual images as collection consists of. I was rewarded for my efforts for the six-part series "Emotions 1-6 '(small handmade collages from 2003) was released today on the main page! I also got one thanks to a co-founder, Piero Rivizzigno, because I publicly commented on the creative possibilities that it might at first a bit daunting grid, collection's structure, give supplied. It's fun and encouraging to ever get feedback! Read more about the idea of collections at Glossom  here. (www.glossom.com)

"I Think That The Way in Which you an really focus on a subject matter or a mood is interesting, and Not possible through Other forms of picture viewing online (slideshows and the like). For instance, I have found That I can more readily presented the Various Aspects of my art in terms of specific emotional states of being, not just moods. It Is Also quite interesting to see what sort of new "image" You Can Create Using all the familiar elements of your pictures - there are some times nice surprises and revelations That allow a new look on old material. We thwart get too fund of Our Picture As They Are, so we May find picking out details a Difficult but nonetheless useful task. Thanks for Providing this opportunity!" (my comment).

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