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MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011

Firstly, being in a relationship that revolves around art has re-ignited an interest within me. I feel that my life is heading back towards the arts after a long period of other concerns. My initial studies in art history (about three years in total)  when I was very young were successful enough but I then went onto making art myself while intellectually speaking being more interested in spirituality. Now it's all coming together in a new synthesis. 

We've talked a lot about working with joint artistic projects, but we have not had time to realize the more subtle ideas. One way in which we regularly engage in co-operation is by being each other's critics and mentors. Usually it's about to reading each other's articles and artist statements. Martin has worked extensively on large project run by British Airways for the Olympics in London in 2012. Twelve of their airplanes are to be decorated with one design. Regardless if he is elected or not, the project has given him a new skills and something to show for. I pressed him on what he really wants to say with his art and it has become an interesting exchange on the synthesis between the material and immaterial sphere (physical and spiritual) which in a sense could be applicable to the contest theme. The advantage of having an artistic partner is that you can start a discussion about art and ones own intentions any time at all. We need to encourage the other, but also pressure them just a bit where you see that the others could do even better. There is no point in just patting each other on the shoulder with a lame "yeah it's really nice honey." This is extremely important when it comes to art because it is about reaching other people through as clear  a communication as possible. No one wishes to hear or watch something vague and watered down. 

We filmed a presentation video (which was not obligatory but something the panel encouraged you to do) with my simple Nikon D90 camera, and Martin has put together everything in Windows. In comparison with many other artists in the videos (many a bit waffly) I think Martin is straightforward and succinct as he sticks to the brief and the questions asked. It's meant to be a presentation of him as a person, not so much about the ideas he has for the design.

Perhaps the fact that I walk around with my camera and often shoot Martin has made him more at ease in front of it. He would need that confidence during the job. Martin is a "second generation artist," and we hope that he will not be subjected to age discrimination. There is a tendency in the art world to encourage young talent but I hope that Martin will join the "the-strong-in-their-50s-group.

Watch Tracey Emin's example video about the meaning of art!

I know of two couples who make art in an intertwined way which makes it impossible to tell which bit was created by which party. Gilbert&George, the famous gay couple from London, and a successful couple Elena&Michel Gran from Russia. Martin and I hope to do a collaborative piece based on a book of poems about the wives of famous men distributed during the great book distributing event last spring - it was given out by a gallery who will create an exhibition of the works.

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