Friday, October 21, 2011


Poor Marius is very bored and very confused about the confinement to cage rest... His cast should come off in a little more than a week... then we have to make sure he doesn't get out and get himself run over again because of stiffness in the legs... We cuddle him for a long time twice a day, he is not running off and so it is working out quite well, but while he is sometimes very calm he is also often very enervated and upset. It's hard to know whether we should tell him off when he starts attacking us... My principle is that he shouldn't be allowed to do that under any circumstances. I keep a leaflet at hand which I bash him with a bit, this is a known method of cat education as the cat shouldn't associate the hands with punishment. Poor Marius!!

Post Scriptum: After a bit of a low spot wondering why we keep making this sick joke on him, Marius has now picked up his spirits,and seems to do a lot better! Very soon his cast will come off... We are going to prepare some reflective fabric to be attached to his collar so he doesn't get run over again.

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