Monday, October 17, 2011


"Don't you even think about putting me down!!"
The open studios are now closed... I have to say the last weekend was a bit of an anti climax and our press release (which really we shouldn't have had to make ourselves) appeared in the local paper one day before we closed... Some people have thought the PR was poor. Some people also came to us complaining that other artists and galleries that were supposed to be open weren't. That's pretty bad for us! I can understand people are upset when they have to drive far into the hills on tiny country roads...

The good news is that our work is well on its way. Martin's second drawing for the illustration project soon to be revealed didn't quite work out. I told him upfront that I didn't think it was good enough... after some initial irritation he agreed and started again. I think for that kind of project you can't expect to get it right right away - free drawing, requires so much practice. How many times I have also abandoned work in the middle, it hurts but it's sometimes necessary. So here are some shots of the work situation in my studio....

I tend to end up on the floor... especially when the work is big like this
However, what you don't see is me lying flat on my stomach trying to draw a pylon, moaning loudly in the process. My back muscles just won't take any such drawing practice. The big figure is bad enough... not to mention the clouds. The physical challenges are quite depressing but I try and find ways around the problems. It's going to be - I hope - quite a hefty collage about problems with society, featuring among other things this striking military chopter which was free on the internet... Though I'm a girl I can't help thinking it's quite cool as an object, but it's probably laden with missiles... Why doesn't it surprise me a war related picture like this is free wall paper!

Martin has started drawing:

This piece is about order and chaos as exemplified by the golden mean and the tendency of our reality towards entropy (the skull)... This is not part of his actual book project but something he has in mind and is practising on in order to get into the habit of drawing every day. You can buy it, please see his blog.

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