Sunday, October 2, 2011


Robin has diligently been keeping his position as studio cat in my studio throughout this weekend when we've been open to the public as part of  Powys Arts Month. So far we haven't witnessed any enormous interest but it's only the beginning as we will still be open the two following weeks from Thursday to Friday. I've been a bit ill this weekend so it's just as well... A couple asked a lot of questions about my art, it was lovely and refreshing to have a reason to talk about it all again. We do question whether maybe Powys just isn't the greatest place to show art, and when we have time we will be looking elsewhere for a public. We think that the beautiful catalogue should have been more widely distributed, across the borders.

We also need to work, it's funny how hard it can be to find the time sometimes. This is the startup of my own project: I'm working out a figure from the photos, and have also scanned and printed a huge amount of old copy right free images seen to the right that will feature in my new work.

This is how full our walls are of my work... there are 46 pieces on the walls as well lots of old work that I am selling out very cheaply. Prices vary from £ 5 - £ 700.

Postcards and a browser full of bargains...
Original oil paintings in Martin's studio
Lots of prints of Martin's earlier work in our living room

The 11 dragons for Llanidloes in our (half renovated) dining area -
where guests can also have tea and cake and write name, comments
 (and e-mail address if they wish to receive our newsletter),
in our guestbook
Martin's alchemical laboratory...
Small prints for sale.
On top, the plane model that British Airways sent Martin
when he was short listed for the Great Britons.


On Friday he did a talk and demonstration at the Ceredigion Art Society in Aberystwyth (a big university town on the coast, not too far from us).

Martin is explaining how he makes a print of the kind of gradient, e.g. a sky, that he wants to paint,
and then matches the oil colours with it.
This is the print he used for the painting of a sky that he is using as an example.

Martin is talking about some of his art work.
To the right, the gradients that he has started to paint
as a demonstration.

In this picture,
Martin is demonstrating how you create smooth gradients
(using oil colours)
I am also available for talks, namely about the symbolism of my art and symbols in general. 

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