Monday, October 10, 2011


"Contemplating the Nature of Triumph",
copyright Vivi-Mari Carpelan 2011

The open studio is still on, we are open this week 13th - 16th October. There has been a reasonably even stream of visitors, and where there has been interest in my stuff, I have certainly enjoyed connecting, talking about what I do but also chit chatting about life in general. Many visitors are artists themselves. It has been more worthwhile than I expected I think, and possibly a good thing that we have not been inundated with visitors. I have over 50 pieces on show, so it's really a kind of retrospective, and because it's in our home we get the benefit of hearing what people like and how they see the work. It makes me feel less invisible and more encouraged to go on creating. The things people ask the most are whether my pieces really are original rather than prints, because they seem so seamless. It's nice to hear, that people are keen to look at the technique while they try and figure out how it was done. People also often ask whether I exhibit a lot, and of course I tell them I have only lived in this country a year. It is also not easy to get galleries interested in these difficult times, they already have their best selling household artists and are not often eager to take risks. It will take time to get the art out there.

Beatrice is adamant that she should be part of my collages...

Bea has been in the studio all throughout the arts month, looking very cute
and amazingly tolerant towards the guests (even when there are several in the small space)

We also wanted to be working on our more concrete projects during this time so I have been sketching a bit for the big collage with all the men that I scanned out of one of Jim Harter's books, but I also wanted to do something turquoise and did in fact manage to complete a piece in a couple of days. Here it is - a blast! I don't seem to be able to help myself as I feel very attracted to the joyful and playful Indian imagery. I hope Indians can see that I respect their Gods though. It's good to go for lots of colour every once in a while, I think it is beneficial to one's state of mind. Perhaps I am really trying to defy the Welsh weather!

I got this big man's shirt from the RSC sale and am now using it for work!

Please read more about our open studios here and here!
Soon I have to refconfigure my computer and send it off to service... It will be hard to be without it.

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