Friday, November 4, 2011


The idea behind this piece is an alchemical eye test for the third eye!
Please buy it! Martin has been setting up an Etsy shop so
his (and some of my) artwork, prints and postcards will be easier to purchase.

Martin is drawing all sorts of things at the moment, whatever comes into his head. He´s finally getting on with it! Normally he works on the oil paintings that take several months to finish. I have personally always liked doing artwork quite fast, as I quickly get to see whether my ideas are any good, and also get the added benefit of getting more ideas quicker. Martin was saying that he finds it quite strange how his mind is getting more and more crowded with all sorts of ideas. I told him I used to have this happen to me whenever I did artwork every day but each piece only took me a couple of days to finish. When I was half way I already had new ideas for new work. This is one of the best ways of getting the creative juices going and getting ideas for your art work!

My own collage is not really advancing at the moment, it's taking me a long time to finish and this is something I am not used to. It's a bit disconcerting but also interesting because I am pondering the work in a very different way. I hope it will turn out alright. I would like to enter it to an important exhibition in one of the non-commercial galleries in our vicinity.

I have completed my first sale of original collages through the internet, hooray! I am glad to see that this is indeed possible, even without going through one of the agents. Though obviously it requires mutual trust as the buyer needs to feel secure that they will receive the goods and the seller needs to be sure they are not dealing with an internet scammer (many will try and buy art and then reverse the payment or conduct some other fallony so beware!). I wish this would happen more often, of course, as selling from home or from one of the galleries in the area is not terribly fruitful at the moment. I just spoke to the curator of the museum in Llandrindod Wells who said that there were around 1000 visitors during Powys Arts Month but no sales. They are continuing to sell my postcards though, which is nice. Needless to say we need every penny we can get...

One of my collages has just left for Chichester where it will go through a second assessment for a big national open art exhibition.

Our house has now been featured in a Finnish-Swedish blog about interior decoration, run by a journalist at a big newspaper in the East of Finland, it's cool! The first part (of two) can be seen here. It's all in Swedish but there are plenty of photos, all of which I took myself and sent to Anna-Lena... My camera is not really up to wide angle photography of interiors, and this is one of my big complaints, but I make do...

Poor Marius has been sentenced to another four weeks in the cage, as his leg still needs time to recover. He is now without the cast, and had a bit of a bad time for a while because he'd licked the skin really raw. He really loves his cuddles but he is probably quite bored with them. I expect he will come out of this ordeal alright in the end nonetheless....

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