Saturday, April 7, 2012


Wales 2011
Copyrighted photographs by Vivi-Mari Carpelan, 2011
I have promised to share the recipe for this delicious strawberry cake that we traditionally make for my birthday in the summer. Enjoy! It's in Swedish first, then Finnish, and lastly in English.
From the cook book "Art is Boiling, Artists' Recipes" that me and my mother were part of and it was published in Finland by Mini-Lilium (The Carl-Gustav Lilius foundation). Whether the recipe is mine or my mom's is hard to say, I would say it is probably mine because of the health aspect. You can if you wish substitute some or all of the wholemeal flour with some oat bran to keep it fibrous. You can add a decilitre of ground almond to make it extra delicious!

Copyrighted photograph, Vivi-Mari Carpelan 2010
Finland 2010

P.S. I managed to make memma, a peculiar Finnish Easter dish made from malt and rye flour - a kind of sweet porridge - hard work and may not look like much, but it's quite nice with cream! (Copyrighted photograph).

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