Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Martin took part in the contest for the decoration of twelve British Airway air crafts for the Olympics in London 2012, and was short listed among ten artists. Unfortunately his design (which was only a draft and to be elaborated on in conjunction with Tracey Emin) didn't make it in the end - you can read about here. Instead those in charge decided to go for this really bland and boring design which is supposed to represent a peace dove. The fact that the mentor Tracey Emin says her career was at stake says it all, really... Well what do YOU think? Is this great design and does it make you want to soar?

Apparently some disapproval of painted air crafts from Thatcher back in the olden days is still influencing decisions about these matters in Britain. I find that rather said. As a foreigner, it seems to me that the British often are so terrified of offending anyone and desperate to appear democratic that they are unable to launch any designs that are exciting and novel. Watch this video from the BBC (and note that the reporter seems a bit apprehensive about whether the design will grow on us...):

In progress...
The finished product... it's not bad but it's not great either. Will people even notice it?
Pascal Anson is comparing a dove with the stiff and mechanical looks of an air craft... a recipe for success??
Aww.... how sweet.

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