Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What we have feared came to pass in the end - Marius got into a car crash. He has not had the sense to be afraid of cars so that's probably what happened. He has a tendency to sit in the streets, totally unaware that all the nice people are queuing up in their cars behind him! In the early morning hours he dragged himself up of all three flights of stairs, screaming to high heaven. It was clear that he was in pain and that there was something wrong with his leg. He jumped up in bed after a while nonetheless and slept with me until the vet opened at nine o'clock. He had calmed down after the shock so it didn't seem as though he was seriously injured. X-rays showed that he still had a fractured pelvis, which should heal by itself, and an injury in the leg which preferably should be fixed through surgery. But we don't have 400 pounds. So we might have to try to keep him still and hope the leg heals anyway. So here's what happens when you constantly live on the brink of starvation. Our only hope is that they raise our credit limit which went down when we had to re-mortgageIf anyone wants to donate some help to us, there is a donation button on my website ... 

Thank God he's alive!! 
But I'm so infinitely tired of being poor ...

Marius had to have an operation in order to have a fully functioning leg, but luckily here in the UK there are many charities for animals and we did in the end get a sum of money towards the vet bills that helps enormously. Since we live in a small community, there's a mailing list, "free cycle" and the jungle telegraph... we thus managed to borrow a dog cage in which Marius needs to say for two months - he may not walk even one meter. Phew! It's hard to listen to his complaints ... but if one hesitates to let him get out to stretch your legs, it is best to stick the vet bill on his cage! Generally speaking he really enjoys his cuddles a few times a day, one just has to be attentive. The whole town knows about Marius's accident and because everyone loves Marius people are interested in how things are going.

"My God, what have you done to be put in a cage?"
Beatrice and Robin are significantly disturbed by the whole affair ...
Marius is usually calm and happy when he gets to lie in one's arms 2-3 times a day
After a bit of frenzy and rattling the cage,
 Marius now, a week later, seems calm and maybe he's getting used to solitary confinement..?


  1. 07/30/2012 I've just started looking at your art and came across your cats section and read about Marius' accident and was just so thrilled to find out he's on the mend. I live with my 2 teenagers and we have a cat named Snickers.We would die if something happened to him and the main worry is money. I barely make it each month as I am a single mother so when you say you are so sick of being poor I can relate to you so well. Where you live looks so serene and isolated (by the few photos you have up). It is the complete opposite of how we live here in USA. Super fast paced, everyone going no where with no manners, no compassion for their fellow man, and morals at an all time low. it's disturbing. I have a tumblr account, if you'd like you can visit. Thank you for your time and sharing your art. You look like a wonderful couple (your husband and yourself) and I hope you are feeling well. my tumblr is

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for your comment, it's great to receive feedback but it happens way too seldom! I noticed one of my pieces was up on your Tumblr page, thanks, that was nice of you. In theory I like to be asked but you had put all the appropriate credits there so it's okay. The internet is the way it is ;-). If you go to my Facebook page, there are many albums there about my artwork but also my life, and pictures are also grouped on my website - it's probably true that where I come from in Finland as well as where I live in Wales, U.K. is quite serene. I need it in order to survive at all... although I love the big cities I get easily stressed and it just doesn't work out - not mentioning the cost of living. Still I feel that compassion is lacking everywhere, and the rural areas aren't necessarily any better. I haven't really made any friends in Wales though we've lived there for two years now. But we keep hoping that we'll find the perfect place one day, at least in terms of cosiness - especially a house that would be in better shape than ours and a lot of surrounding nature where the cats can roam without getting run over!! I was a bit sad to take them away from the forest in Finland but Beatrice, the girl cat, is thrilled to have an extended territory as our Welsh house is quite big!